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Nowadays criminals and offenders can freely travel within the territories of different countries of the world. Borders between countries are gradually "erased". To counteract and to fight against criminals on the international level International criminal police organisation or simply Interpol was established in 1923. Interpol is a unique international centre, which makes and works out common strategy and tactics of fighting against criminals and commission of crimes. Nowadays there 181 Member States in the Interpol.
It should be noted that Organisation is forbidden any interference or any activities of political, military, religious or ra ,    cial character. Interpol's mission is to prevent and to combat against ordinary crimes (they are punished by ordinary criminal laws). In its activities prevention and combating against the following crimes are widespread: terrorism, illicit drug traffic, organised crime, unlawful interference with international civil aviation, forgery, theft of pieces of art, car stealing, "money laundering", etc. But it is also known, that the most important activity of International criminal police organisation is a search (looking) for criminals and fugitives. Interpol also searches for missing persons.
The General Assembly, the Executive committee and the General Secretariat are constitutional bodies of Interpol. The first one is a representative annually meeting body. The Executive committee ensures that General Assembly decisions are implemented, approves programme of activities and draft budget before they are submitted to the Assembly. The General Secretariat is the permanent administrative and technical Interpol's body. There are also specific bodies within the Interpol's structure - National Central Bureaus (NCBs). They are established in the police agencies of all Member countries. NCB is a liaison link between law enforcement bodies of its own country and NCBs in other countries and also General Secretariat in Lion. They play very important role in the international search.

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