Useful links for lawyers

Information on Copyright (Russian version).

Information on Elections in all Countries of the World (English version).

Site about Israeli legislation (Russian version).

Political life in different countries (English version).

Embassies of the World (English version).

Great Russian Law Encyclopedia (Russian version).

Bankruptcy: news, analysis, experience (Russian version).

Criminal procedure (Russian version). - U.S. Immigration Visa Services Online: K1 Fiancee Visa, H1B, Green Card, Citizenship, and 100+ Immigration Services (English version).

For Criminalists:

Methodical Instructions on Investigation of some Crimes (Russian version).

Information on criminology:

UN statistics (English version).

Statistics from the US Bureau of Justice Statistics (English version).

International organisations:

Non-official site of International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol) (Russian and English versions).

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